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About started as a web design project during the year 2009. After spending a lot of time by browsing the web space and searching for different topics, I got an idea to take together the best I found and share it with you on my own web site. You might argue that many times I just lead you to the content of others, so, what's the point? Well, think about it when you spend next time hours by seeking an answer to your simple question on overcrowded web. First, you will try to find a right keyword(s) for Google search... After you will get hundreds and thousands hits and you will still ask for an answer, you will understand what my objective is. I want to offer you direct link to the topics I will cover on my web site. My filter criteria are mostly based on my experience and can be biased, but I promise I will do my best. Of course, sometimes there is more than one answer. Therefore, I will offer you more links, but just to the pages with possibly original content. In some cases, I decided to summaries information I found. I hope you will appreciate it.

You can use for fun or for business. Links from my website will offer you access to sites without pop-ups and spam. Publishing simple links at is free! Nevertheless, I and my colleagues will carefully review every new link/website and only link to website that meets our criteria will be published.

I am always keen to listen to your ideas about how I can improve my sites. If you have feedback I would be delighted to hear it!

Advertising Opportunities can provide advertising on every subpage you wish (at least as long as there is some space left).

Generally, we offer three sizes of banners:

  • Square button (125 x 125 pixels)
  • Full banner (468 x 60 pixels)
  • Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels)
  • Please contact us to find out more about the conditions for advertising with